To eat healthier you have to eat much less meat and dairy, or preferably none, right?
Not so fast.  
One lesser known fact about healthy eating is that it's not the meat and dairy so much that is unhealthy for you, but the way the animals are raised, fed, and slaughtered that makes the meat and dairy unhealthy.
You hear non stop admonitions to eat less and less red meat, with others pushing people to eat no meat or poultry. These are all high in saturated fat, and very low in the good fats.

Cattle need to graze freely in order to be healthy. Photo courtesy Kevin Hutchinson
Apparently, those voices are choosing to ignore a considerable amount of evidence that shows that when animals are raised humanely, fed appropriately, and slaughtered humanely, their meat and dairy products have levels of Omega 3 fatty acids at least equal to that of tuna. Turns out that cattle, pigs, chickens, lambs all need to be free to graze and roam in order to be healthy -- who knew? And if they are not healthy, their meat, eggs and milk will not be healthy.

Grass fed beef, that is truly "free range" is actually healthy for people. The same holds true for poultry, pork, dairy, eggs.

Check into the many health benefits of humanely raised meat, poultry, and dairy.